Insta Etch has patented a permanent process to mark high resolution logos, VIN, serial numbers and even custom artwork to any glass with speed and ease. Based in Phoenix Arizona since 2001, Insta Etch's range of wireless printers instantly produce precise custom stencils from the palm of your hand and with the aid of our included marking compounds, can permanently etch glass for security, branding and production requirements. Insta Etch systems move marking technology forward to the 21st century!

  • Flexible - Installers in the field can custom design a stencil, print and etch any mark a customer requires while rapid etching of inventory, fleet and production lines is easily facilitated with integrated barcode scanning and intuitive marking from saved layouts.
  • Scalable - Vin etch kits range from low volume/ low turnkey cost for mom and pop glass shops, pay per use leased systems for insurance companies and municipalities' community events, to high yield/ lowest cost per mark systems for dealership's anti-theft programs and manufacturer's exports.
  • Easy - Insta Etch professional systems utilize a safe and proven chemical etch process that leaves a high resolution permanent etch mark. Our professional systems require virtually no training & zero setup and include everything you would need to complete an etch; this is truly a turnkey service.
  • Portable - Insta Etch's wireless professional systems are completely mobile. With case and all, our all-inclusive marking stencil printer systems and etch accessories take up minimal space, equivalent to that of a sack lunch or a camera bag. Technicians carry all they need to etch from car to car, project to project.

  • Easy stencil design with our etch 2000 mobile application. Patented process for high resolution etching.

    Professional Kits F.A.Q.s

    What makes the Insta Etch glass marking kits so revolutionary?

    All Insta Etch systems utilize handheld, wireless, digital printers to produce high resolution stencils. The ability to instantly produce a durable custom template to apply to most any glass surface allows for virtually limitless possibilities for your specific industry.

    How is the Insta Etch glass marking process different?

    Insta Etch has developed a patented mobile process to permanently etch glass easier and more precise than our competitor's kits. Other companies' older systems use typewriters or wired dot matrix printers to produce a stencil sticker resulting in a horribly low resolution etch mark while others still are tied to an air-compressor and a cumbersome sandblasting gun that can easily cause more harm than good. Insta Etch, at half the cost of other archaic kits, is the new first choice of service professionals, municipalities, insurance companies and car dealers & manufacturers.

    How quick and easy to use are the Insta Etch systems & process?

    Everything you would need to etch glass is included with Insta Etch professional systems. Whether printing a simple VIN or custom formatting a high resolution logo stencil, designing the perfect etch mark for your application is a cinch with Insta Etch mobile software applications and handheld printers. Multiple glass marking stencils can be designed and printed in seconds and with these, you can take advantage of the efficient Insta Etch 3-step marking process. First, a spray of our activator primes the glass for the stencil. Next, the stencil is securely applied to the "activated" glass. Lastly, our etching compound is brushed onto the activated stencil to permanently mark the glass. Using our digitally printed stencils & proprietary marking compounds, every major glass on a single car can be etched in around 5 minutes doing just one vehicle at a time while a trained technician can mark an entire 20 car fleet, dealership lot or production line in an easy hour.

    Insta Etch offers two main professional etch systems, what are the differences?

    Our 1650 series is our most basic and economical VIN etch kit line while our 2000 series brings the most features, largest format, higher stencil yields and lowest cost per etch mark. Nevertheless, both series utilize unique handheld, high resolution digital stencil printers and both rely on the same proven Insta Etch glass marking process to leave a lasting glass impression.

    What are some details that differentiate the 1650 series line?

    The 1650 etch series is an all-inclusive glass stencil printer maker with integrated LCD display and keypad that fits into the palm of your hand. At a fine resolution of 180 dpi, you can professionally etch VIN numbers, your company name and phone number, or even a logo onto any auto glass. Insta Etch 1650 series utilize a proprietary stencil cartridge (part #) ST-15, each 1 inch wide cassette contain 10 feet (305 cm) of stencil material. This equates to enough product for 40+ larger (1" wide x 3" long) or 80+ smaller (1" wide x 1.5" long) etching stencils per each cartridge cassette. Our best-selling (part #) ETCH1650KIT contains a 1650 series wireless printer, 2 stencil cartridges and enough etching chemicals for 80-160 precision marks. Need to vin etch more vehicles, just add more quantity to any ETCH1650 series kit with low cost prepackage etching resupply kits or you may want to consider our higher volume ETCH2000 series.

    What are the range of uses & industries that benefit from the 1650 series?

    Mobile glass shops, service facilities, municipalities and insurance agencies big and small take full advantage of the 1650 vin etching systems. Marking compounds and all, these 1650 series kits are easily carried to the jobsite, from customer to customer to provide a value added service. Glass companies make huge profits with out-of-pocket sales to concerned car owners, insurance billing for pre-existing vin etched vehicles or even to leave your company name / logo and phone number on glass installs. Police departments and high crime cities can use vin etching as a tool to combat car thefts and to increase resident sentiment while insurance companies can in the same way, decrease loss ratios and increase customer satisfaction.

    What features and details are unique to the 2000 series line?

    Insta Etch 2000 line of stencil printer systems are designed at the highest 203 dpi print resolution, are our largest format with stencils up to 4" x 2" inches (10 cm x 5 cm) and provide for the highest marking yield out of the box with (part #) ETCH2000KIT containing enough marking material for 2000+ vin etchings. Utilizing our mobile stencil design software application, a user can custom setup any vin etch, logo, custom artwork, serial number or shop / production info on our intuitive bluetooth touchscreen device while taking advantage of innovative features like barcode scanning with vin decode, muti-copy printing, and auto-email reporting. In less time than it takes to send an email, even an untrained beginner can design and bluetooth print etch stencils to our handheld large format printer while on the car lot, at a drive through anti-theft community event or even on a production line. The Insta Etch 2000 series 4" inch wide rechargeable printers are simply loaded with the included (part #) ETCH1000ROLL to provide 1000+ stencils and hours of prolonged use. Reordering more material is a breeze; as with all Insta Etch systems, the same easy to use marking chemicals and simple etch process is utilized in the 2000 series line-up to produce the highest precision vin etching while bringing our large volume customers the lowest cost per each etch mark.

    What are the uses & industries that benefit from the 2000 series technology?

    Our 2000 series glass etching kits are geared for companies that need a high volume, repeatable system that is easily used right out of the box to facilitate many different glass marking programs. Car dealerships are able to etch high quality VINs or serial numbers on inventory as Insta Etch markings are compatible with all in-house and national anti-theft car warranty offerings; they can now even etch their high resolution logo and phone for better brand recognition and repeat business. International car manufacturers use the scalable design of the 2000 series etch systems to rapidly mark hundreds to thousands of vehicles wirelessly on the production line for both domestic needs and international exporting regulations. With virtually no setup or training, insurance companies and municipalities can use vin etching as a passive vehicle anti-theft device and use Insta Etch 2000 series at a community events or rotated through regional offices for use by agents and officers. On location, precise vin etching is possible with Insta Etch.

    How do I order the Insta Etch Professional Systems?

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    F.A.Q. for Vehicle Owners

    What is a VIN?

    VIN stands for Vehicle Identification Number. Every VIN is a 17-character combination of numbers and letters that is unique for every vehicle manufactured since 1981. Your vehicle’s VIN is as unique as your fingerprint. VIN's were standardized in the early 1980's. Today, each character of the standard 17-digit VIN has a particular purpose and most have a bar code that can easily be scanned. VIN's can be used to track recalls, registrations, warranty claims, thefts and insurance coverage

    What is VIN Etching ?

    VIN etching is a countermeasure to motor vehicle theft. It most commonly involves the use of a stencil and glass etching paste to etch a vehicle's identification number (VIN) onto the windshield and windows. Thieves would need to replace the glass before selling the stolen vehicle, thus reducing or eliminating their profit.

    How effective is VIN Etching?

    Cars that have been VIN Etched have a 74% lower theft rate than non-Etched cars and even if so, a VIN Etched car has more than an 85% chance of recovery if it is stolen. In fact, VIN Etching is so effective that many insurance companies will offer discounts on premiums or deductibles for VIN Etching. Some states have even mandated that insurance providers must provide up to 35% discount to every policy holder insured in the state. Check with your insurance company and/or state to see if you qualify after using our easy D.I.Y. system.

    Is the Do It Yourself Insta Etch Kit easy to use?

    YES, it is very easy! Each Insta Etch consumer kit contains simple, easy to follow instructions. The complete process takes less than 5 minutes. View the video below as a reference.

    How do I order the "Do It Yourself" Insta Etch System?

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